[CQ-Contest] Can I use DX Cluster during the contest?

Michael Chen bd5rv at jsdxc.org
Sat Oct 7 17:25:36 EDT 2000

Hi, Group,
	I'll participate CQWW SSB 2K in B4R Team from BY4RSA, MS category, this time we will be able to access internet  during contest. I am a little confused with  the rule about whether I can read DX spot info on the internet, just like http://oh2aq.kolumbus.com/dxs/
	In Single Operator Assisted Category, it said: Same as III A 1 except the passive (self- spotting not allowed) use of DX spotting nets is allowed. No such description for MS category.
	But at the end, the rule said any use of internet to solicit QSO is not allowed. 
	So whether or not I can read DX spot info on the internet, and then try to call the station showed during the contest? Any help is appreciated.

Michael Chen,BD5RV
Wanna goto BS7!!
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