[CQ-Contest] about your call

James White k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Oct 22 10:01:14 EDT 2000

The fact that at least ten times someone has mis-copied your callsign should
be telegraphing you a message!

As was worked to death on this reflector many times...certain characters are
prone to being busted on CW, unfortunately you have one of them in your

I suggest using some sort of a weighting change in your CW - not that you
are doibng anything wrong at all it is that you have documented evidence of
the frequent s and h errors...

I believe there is some ability to adjust weighting in the 'TR software and
I know you can change the sending speed for a character in CT and NA.  This
may be worth looking into...perhaps slowing the speed down for the h by 2
wpm ansd then bringing it right back up would emphasize you have a long H,
not an S, in the middle.

Just a thought...back to antenna work.

Jim, K4OJ

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