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k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Thu Oct 26 22:57:28 EDT 2000

Speaking not as a member of the CQ Committee (which I am not) but as a 
logchecker myself, let me make the following observation.

The CQ rules allow you to work all bands and turn in a score for a single 
band.  My advice is to be sure to TURN IN YOUR ENTIRE LOG, not just the 
QSOs you want to count for the single band.  In this way, the log checkers 
can do whatever cross checking they want, and yet only count the single 
band QSOs for your score.

To illustrate the consequences of not doing this, back in the 1998 ARRL 10M 
contest two friends worked the contest single mode, but on opposite 
modes.  The SSB guy dropped down to CW to work the CW guy and the CW guy 
climbed up to SSB to work the SSB guy.  Neither one logged the QSO they 
worked on the "other" mode.  Both QSOs showed up as NILs, and rightfully so 
- neither were "in the log".

It is not my intent to start (and I will not entertain) a discussion on 
whether the logchecker should have figured out what was going on, or 
whether the ARRL will even allow this.  My point is, if you work a 
legitmate contest QSO with another station, LOG IT AND TURN IT IN.



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