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Mon Apr 2 23:23:02 EDT 2001

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 >  --- K3BU at aol.com wrote:
 >   > There is another phenomena, it
 >   > appears that frequency can
 >   > be conditioned by constant transmitting,
 >   > and propagation enhanced. Kind of
 >   > ionospheric heating.
 >  Maybe this message should have been posted a few hours
 >  later, then the message origination date would have
 >  read April 1st.
 >  de kn5h

You can always try it, and see for yourself, get on with some DX right after
the contest, and see how long signals last at the certain level, and when
they start dropping rapidly. Do the same test at other, non contest days, at
the same time, with similar propagation and see what signals levels you will
experience and if you get the same phenomena.
Just try to add up all contest stations with perpetual CQing, multiply by
number of (Italian :-) watts and see how much energy you will come up with.
You might be amazed. Then you tell us if it only happens on April 1st.

If you need more proof and info check

73 Yuri, K3BU
Tesla RC N2EE, NT1E

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