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Clive Whelan clive at gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 00:56:22 EST 2001

 Terry L. Zivney wrote:
> In particular, it is difficult to "ignore" a LOUD signal on the second
> radio while trying to copy a weak response to my cq on the main radio.  
> What are the relative volumes that experience SO2R ops feel
> comfortable with?

Well if you want a relative (SO2R) novice's perspective, my tolerance is 
probably about the same as would be the case in a co-channel single radio 
situation, i.e good old fashioned QRM! I find it difficult to objectively 
estimate what level this might be however.

It *should* be better inasmuch as one has spatial diversity( i.e. left 
ear/right ear) in one's favour, but I suspect this is not helping me much 
yet. Ask me in another 25 years or so, although you might have to QSY to 
another place to raise me!

What I do find somewhat helpful is to introduce some audio frequency 
diversity. i.e set the pitch on the left radio at about ( say) 600Hz and 
that on the right radio to (say) 800Hz, simulating what one might hear 
randomly in a single rx bandpass. However this doesn't always, or 
often,work as callers don't always perch where you would wish, still we 
need all the help we can get to aid this fiendish practice!


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