[CQ-Contest] My 5BWAS Award: Thank You Contesters!

Nat Heatwole nat at ajheatwole.com
Wed Dec 12 23:02:15 EST 2001

Since becoming a ham I have been pining for what I consider to be one of the
most coveted awards: 5BWAS. Getting regular WAS was easy but 5BWAS from MD
with only a modest station is no picnic. When I got most of the way there I
decided to make skeds for the remaining state/band combinations I still
needed. I thought to myself: who has both the best stations and most
superior operating skill in each of the states I still need? The answer was
always contesters.

It took several months but thanks to the many contesters who gave me a sked
in response to my e-mail request I now have all 250 QSLs in my possession to
apply for 5BWAS and will be doing so this year at Dayton. The following
contesters, listed in alphabetical order, provided me with at least one sked
and all of them QSLed swiftly. Listed in parenthesis are any "extras" beyond
a straightforward sked that particular station did. The list is as follows:

KH7M (2 bands; Got up very early)
KK1L (See bellow)
KL7Y (Stayed up very late)
N0AH (Built a new antenna)
N6ZZ (2 bands; Built new antenna)
N7ON (Gave much 5BWAS advice)
NY1S (2 bands)

I strongly urge all who read this to faithfully work all of these stations
in all contests that you hear them in. I know I will do the same. Their
generosity is unbounded as some of the sked were NOT easy to make and some
took several tries. Their kindness towards other hams and their strong QSL
ethics are unparalleled in the general ham community.

All of these stations have shown me the superior character that marks
contesters. KK1L (in VT) even went as far as to call me on the phone when
10m was open for a QSO between us and many QSLed without necessitating a
SASE. Whenever the band was iffy, noisy, or just plain bad I still had great
confidence in being able to still make the sked and get the QSL card because
I knew a contester was at the other end.

Thank you contesters! I will see you all on the bands and at Dayton!

73, Nat, WZ3AR
<nat at ajheatwole.com>

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