[CQ-Contest] K4OJ's Problem

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Mon Dec 17 19:13:53 EST 2001


You could be hurting yourself.  For example, suppose you work H44MA, then 
some time later you work him again accidentally.  After the contest you run 
RMDUPES so the second H44MA QSO is purged from your logs.

Suppose the first time you worked H44MA you messed up his QSO number 
accidentally.  At logchecking time, that QSO will be disallowed because you 
busted the exchange you received from him.  The QSO points are gone, and 
credit for the multiplier is gone (assuming you did not work another 
H44).  If you had left the second QSO in the log, and assuming you copied 
the received exchange correctly, you'd still have an H44 mult and a few 
more QSO points.

BTW, I am the logchecker for the ARRL 10M contest...

When we do multiops here at K8CC, I tell my operators that if you've made a 
QSO, put it in the log, dupe or not.  It makes no difference to the 
logcheckers who re-dupe everything anyways.


At 06:31 AM 12/17/01 +0000, N7MAL wrote:

>Very late Sunday afternoon, while I was CQ'ng, K4OJ answered me. He was a
>dupe but insisted I log him because his computer had crashed and all his
>earlier contacts were lost. I use CT and couldn't log him because at the end
>of the contest I would run RMDUPES and the contact would be deleted. He was
>adamant I should log him. It became obvious he was becoming a pest and we
>were just wasting time so I gave him a report and he moved on. The second
>contact will not show up in my log or should it show up in anyone's log. I
>feel sorry for K4OJ but 'stuff' happens and sometimes all you can do is cry
>in your beer. There's always next year.
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