[CQ-Contest] Re: copying weak signals was: K4OJ's problem

tony field ve6yp at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 18 15:18:56 EST 2001

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> My problem on cw is cut numbers.  It is very
> apparent that out there somewhere in Europe is a
> software designer who has made cut serial numbers
> the default and many are using the software!
> Trying to figure out fives
> that are sent as 'e',  zeros sent as 'o', etc., etc., etc.

It seems to me that if the software is properly doing it's work,
it should automatically know when to un-cut the numbers.

For example, if you get a call from N0NR and type TX as the state,
the software should automagically accept the TX.

If you get a call from G3ABC with ATN as the serial number
exchange, you should be able to type "G3ABC ATN" and have the
software automagically translate this to "G3ABC 109".  This is NOT
rocket science.

Tony Field (VE6YP)
ve6yp at shaw.ca
"The difference between genius and stupidity
is that genius has it's limits."

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