[CQ-Contest] M/S 10 Meter Contest - Question for Entrants

George Fremin III - K5TR geoiii at kkn.net
Tue Dec 18 19:23:25 EST 2001

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 07:13:12PM -0500, AA4NC at aol.com wrote:

> >  I think it makes mult-ops a heckuva lot more fun.  This really applies to 
> >  Sweepstakes - a "ten minute" or "six band changes per hour" rule would 
> >  wreck the multi-op category in SS.  There is a multi-single philosophy of 
> >  "a bunch of guys in a room with one radio" which might be OK for ARRL DX 
> >  where you have multi-2 to step up to, but contests like SS where mults are 
> >  mostly irrelevent and ARRL 10 where there is only one band (OK, two 
> >  counting modes) need the freedom to aggressively pursue QSOs or boredom 
> >  will set in.

It is easy for a person who has a station that is able 
to do Multi-Multi to say.

> >  Again, the ability to only one have transmission at a time is the absolute 
> >  standard.

This is true - but by at least one account this weekend 
several folks in the M/S catagory seem to be having trouble
telling when they have more than one signal on the air.

And it is their actions that might well lead to some sort of 
band change rule.  This has happened to the IARU already.

> Anyway, I agree that 10 minute rules/band change rules are not as much fun. I 
> do think that it's getting necessary to have a Multi/2 or Mult-multi capable 
> station
> to compete in the Multi-single category except where band change limits 
> exist. It's just the escalation of the arms race I guess! 

Will is right - it seems the people with stations that can do 
M/M or M/2 or CQ WW M/S type of operations are the ones pushing for 
no limit on band/mode changes - makes sense since they have the 
hardware and can take advantage.  

I have a station that is well sutied to doing M/2 and the CQ WW 
version of M/S but if adding a band change rule is only way to 
stop folks from cheating in the ARRL 10 meter M/S catagory then I can not
say I would be opposed to the change.   I think a true M/S catagory is 
a good thing. 

I bet that if the SS were a contest where you could work people on 
every band you might notice the folks who are doing M/S in SS 
who have not mastered the art of one signal.  Of course if 
we got rid of the serial numbers that would get rid of the 
other thing that makes it a headache to run a mutli-transmitter
SS M/S station.


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