[CQ-Contest] Re: Logging Dupes

Dallas Carter ludal at dmv.com
Thu Dec 20 09:05:53 EST 2001

> Second related item - I've gotten QSLs from guys who duped me,
> and they include both QSOs on same card! Explain that one to
> me...
> 73,
> Barry
Several possibilities.  One is that they were not using a logging program,
two is that they
got your call wrong the first time and went back and corrected the call,
three is that they
really need your state and made an insurance QSO.  I have received multiple
QSO cards
from domestic stations that worked us in CQWW on multiple bands.  That is
not for a zone multiplier, but for a band-state.  No problem, my QSL goes
back the same
way, on one card.  The extra Q is usually during an off peak period and
serves to keep
the frequency occupied.

73 and holiday greetings from Dallas, W3PP

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