[CQ-Contest] Bad Packet Spots

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Thu Dec 20 10:41:33 EST 2001

Sounds like it could be another clever work around to 
a rule.  He (or his "alias") didn't spot *himself*, 
now did he? ;-)

This could be detected by looking at the spot records 
however.  Another tool to try to add to the toolbox?

Mike N2MG

On Wed, 19 December 2001, "Tim Totten, N4GN" wrote:

> I had no less than five cases in the 10-meter contest when I went to a
> packet spot freq and rather than finding the new mult that had been
> spotted, I discovered one rather well-known and experienced European
> contester running on the frequency.  The first time it happened, I thought
> "oh well, the mult I expected doesn't seem to be here, but I might as well
> work Mr. Well-Known and Experienced European Contester since I'm already
> here."  And so I did.
> But after the second, third, fourth and fifth times this happened, I got a
> bit suspicious.  Isn't it interesting that this guy "just happened" to be
> on a frequency where only seconds earlier a rare mult had been spotted?
> Mr. Well-Known wasn't the guy who put out the packet spot, so it wasn't a
> case of him spotting DX that called him.  I'm sure he understands that
> practice isn't generally accepted anyway.  And it sure seemed odd that I
> never heard any of those five spotted calls later in the contest.
> I didn't keep good enough notes the first three times, so I don't have
> enough evidence to feel comfortable making any accusations.  But if anyone
> else noticed this same thing, perhaps we can compare what notes we have.
> You can bet I will start making some better notes in the future,
> especially if I find this same guy under similar circumstances!

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