[CQ-Contest] Digital Voice Keyers for TenTec OMNI VI+

Frank W8HO W8HO at qsl.net
Thu Dec 27 02:04:06 EST 2001

Thanks Nat and those of you who focused on my question about which voice 
keyer system would work best with an Omni VI+.

So far the front runners are the ZS4TX which has extensive SO2R ability and 
as Nat mentions below--the second option is sound card keying using 
Writelog (which I already use for contest logging).  The only problem is 
that method requires a separate set of voice recordings to use in 
non-contest voice-keyer work and a program to utilize them.  Still, it does 
have promise.

In closing let me mention that TenTec has strongly cautioned me against 
turning the Mic gain beyond the 12:00 position.  They have stated that it 
can cause damage to the audio circuits as well as distortion. (Please note 
both of these rigs are less than a year old, this may or may not apply to 
older Omnis.)  Finally a caution, anytime you desire to use a dynamic 
microphone cartridge like the Heil---you must protect it from the voltage 
on the electret voltage pin, such as those on the TenTec Mic, and Icom 
microphone connectors.  You can do that with a capacitor, or Heil sells a 
TenTec cord for their mics. (This cable only deals with the voltage 
protection, not the low drive difficulty.)

Thanks again everyone, and if u have any voice keyers that are working with 
an Omni VI+ please let me know.  I greatly appreciate ur thoughtful comments.

73, Frank 

At 10:24 AM 12/26/2001 -0500, you wrote:

From: Frank W8HO <W8HO at qsl.net>
Subject: [TenTec] Reliable Voice/CW Keyer for Omni VI+

Hello to all and Happy Holidays!

As I look forward to the remaining contest season I am faced with a
dilemma--Which voice keyer or better yet a combination voice/cw keyer will


The replies so far seem to have gotten off-track and onto a Heil mic 
bent....  Your question was on voice/cw  keyers!

I have used the Writelog contest logging program for several years and have 
been extremely pleased with its CW/RTTY/VOICE keying ability.  It uses the 
computer sound card to do the voice and RTTY signal generation.  I connect 
the sound card in/outputs to the audio in/out phono plugs on the back of my 
Omni 6+ via 1:1 transformers (for isolation, circuit using Radio Shack 
parts is given on the Writelog web site, www.writelog.com).  No problems 
with RF or ground loops.  Works like a champ!  SSB messages can be recorded 
"on the fly" for playback.  You can also record parts of messages (in 
separate files) that can be "stuck together" for the playback under 
Writelog's control.  If you get really ambitious, you can record your voice 
pronouncing each letter in the alphabet and each number (each into its own 
computer file).  Writelog can then go back and use these recordings to 
phonetically "sound out" a call to provide almost a fully computer 
generated QSO exchange in a contest.  Really saves on the voice after a few 
hours into a 'test.

Given how well Writelog has worked for me, I have had no need to buy any 
other voice keyer.

Hope this helps.

Nat Davis

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