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Frankly - one other reason I've discovered over the years for dupes is that
folks just plain can't copy the code at semi QRQ rates.  I have no idea what
they put
in their log but when I have nearly 400 dupes out of 4000 QSO's (5V7A - 20
something is definately wrong.

Tony N7BG

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> > I wonder if the complaints about all the duplicate contacts come from
> > operators who give their call every 10 minutes or so (whether they need
> > to or not <grin>).
> >
> My response (long):
> THIS complaint about duplicate contacts is coming from an operator who has
> EARNED the reputation of signing his call TOO OFTEN.  Perhaps rightfully
> earned, as sometimes I  resort to signing after every QSO.  I've tried to
> emulate my friend and hero KH6IJ is this regard:
> When done in a predictable sense, it tells the worked station, and pileup,
> three things:
>           (1) I QSL your transmission of my
>                 report and your call sign,
>            (2) It tells the pileup WHO I am,
>            (3) It tells the pileup I'm NOW
>                  READY for the next callers.
> It's amazing how effective  this can be, and with a short, fast call (like
> ZD8Z) I've been able to sustain CW rates of 230 - 250/hour.  I wouldn't
> necessarily recommend it, for obvious reasons, if your call is, for
> instance, C56/DL0XXX.
> And now back to the point:  WHY are guys duping me?
>   Simply stated, and to paraphrase KH6IJ, it emanates, predominantly from
> Too many stations are relying STRICTLY on packet for identification of the
> station running the pileup.  And it's amazing (and scary) how these packet
> spots are propagating BUSTED CALLS.  I perceive that there must be some
> hidden glory to being the first in your neighborhood  to spot a station on
> packet, whether you've  copied the call correctly, or not.  And, by
> examination of my UBN reports, and even though my computer  accurately
> ZD8Z everytime, and with perhaps a half million ZD8Z QSO's under my belt
> since 1968 (i.e., it should not be exactly an "unknown call"),  guys are
> working me as ZD7Z, ZD9Z (dream-on), ZD8ZZ, 2D8Z, ZZ8Z,  etc.  Now, if
> earlier, or later, work me as ZD8Z, they think they have at least another
> QSO (and maybe a new multiplier).  What do I have?  A DUPE!
> Some operators JUST DON'T CARE and are inherently sloppy.  During the
> pileups from Brazil in WW SSB and Ascension in WW CW, when plagued by a
> sudden spurt of dupes (thinking perhaps I was a victim of R.O. NO. 1,
> above), I took the time to stop the pileup, and asked the offending
> "just whom do you think you're calling?"  (that's allot of fun on CW), or
> "what do you think my call is?", and it was absolutely amazing to me HOW
> MANY guys (at least honestly), confessed that they had NO IDEA who I was.
> Wonderful!  Result: DUPE for both of us.
> Although not exactly pertinent to the subject at hand, but certainly
> to the IMPATIENCE of operators today, (besides, I'm on a roll here), one
> the scourges of CW contesting is those who plop their big, er, posteriors
> right on top of a station I'm trying to copy, and send a "?".  Really
> helpful to all, guys.  May I respectfully suggest you QRX a second, LISTEN
> (remember when we used to do that?), and then you actually might learn
> what's going on, on the frequency, before you impress us all with your
> obvious skills?
> Last month, a major improvement ( a 95% European phenomenon) in stations
> ASKING WHAT MY QSL ROUTE IS, during a contest.  Either they all now have
> Ascension Island confirmed, or, they're starting to "get it". A definitely
> positive sign, in either regard.
> Now if we can just throw a rope around R.O.'s 1 -3, we can make real
> progress in the reduction of dupes and the enjoyment of contesting.
> Thank you for reading this far, or, ..........
> Vy 73, and Happy Contesting in 2002,
> Jim Neiger
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