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>  If the radios
>  are side by side, you always have to have the left
>  radio in the left ear, and the right in the right
>  ear.  Try running two rigs with the left rig audio
>  on the right ear and vice versa.  Ugh!  

I can have each radio on both ears (foot switch or computer controlled), or 
if split, left R on left E, right R on right E and I know which ear (sound) 
is from which radio. Why would I want to have left R on right ear? (Unless my 
ears were defective and needed to specialize my ears for particular mode of 
That is the whole point of the setup, being able to identify which radio is 
doing what by knowing which ear is hearing it. My ears are so far still 
working OK. 
I am specializing on operation with 2R on the same band, and typically right 
R is used for CQing, and left R is used for S&P or for diversity reception on 
CQing frequency if pileups too heavy. 
My mileage may vary, but is getting better as the kinks are being ironed out 
and whole mess is mastered.

Yuri, K3BU

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