[CQ-Contest] Lets change phonetics - A Challenge...

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Uhhh, Tim.... I thought the aussie's call the barbeque a "barbie"....


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> You've all heard me moaning about ECHO, so I won't again. I remember an
> article in the British mag 'Radcom' about twenty years ago suggesting a
> contest where all participants used the 'Aggle' series of phonetics:
> A=Aggle, B=Baggle, C=Caggle, D=Daggle, E=Eaggle, F=Faggle, G=Gaggle, etc.
> Give it a try with your own callsign - could be memorable !! <smile>
> But after a lot of thought, one thing that appears is that the best
> to use is one that the person on the receiving end understands instantly.
> dissenters to that statement, probably, so the question is, what might it
> be?
> If some linguists out there, in the major contester-use languages, such as
> French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Swedish, Finnish etc. (no
> if I missed yours please) could come up with a list of 26 words that they
> understand, and that can be pronounced by the rest of the world, and that
> are sensible, not rude, etc., then they could be published in table-format
> and used as a handy guide for when conditions are bad.
> Imagine knowing that for Australian speakers, the best word for 'B' would
> Barbeque, then you'd just consult your list when they were having
> difficulties hearing you, and know what word would work best.
> I can host such a list on my website, so if anyone wants to send in a list
> from their language, I'll see about adding it to a table.
> 73s Tim EI8IC
> www.qsl.net/ei8ic/
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> > Subject: [CQ-Contest] Lets change phonetics
> > During the CQWW SSB contest this past weekend, I was
> > again reminded of how much I hate phone contests
> > because I have a 0 call.  It seems like about every
> > third dx station here the 0 as Kilo, and says
> > "November Echo Kilo Papa, what is the number in your
> > call."  This gets old after a while.  As I see it, my
> > options are:
> > 4. Enlist the aid of the ham community to start a
> > petition officially changing the phonetics for K to
> > something less confusing than Kilo.  THis is the route
> > I have decided to take, and could use your assistance.
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