[CQ-Contest] CQWW Logging Question

Jim Reisert jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Fri Nov 2 06:52:43 EST 2001

I disagree with this.  You should log the callsign as it's heard on the 
air.  If you hear "HB0 stroke DL7ALM stroke portable" then you should enter 
HB0/DL7AlM/P in your log.   Similarly if you hear "W1JR QRP" then log 

The logging software should be smart enough to ignore parts of the callsign 
that do not affect its country status, in determining the multiplier.

The log checking software should be lenient enough to recognize that 
W1JR/QRP and W1JR are the same station, and to not penalize a station for 
logging the extra designation (or not).

The bottom line, log what the other station sends.  He may want a QSL in 
return that has that designation, for example, he's trying to work DXCC all 
mobile or QRP.  Nowadays when we print QSL labels instead of hand-writing 
the information, the special designator will get lost otherwise.  Or will 
appear forged if hand-written onto the printed label after the fact.

73 - Jim AD1C

At 04:17 AM 11/2/2001 +0000, GERALD A TREAS wrote:
>First, I only log those type of portable references that are important to
>contest, for scoring or multiplier.  /QRP does not, so I do not log 
>it.  The
>same with /p, or /m, those are a waste of time and won't affect scoring,
>except in detrimental ways, like in your case.

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