[CQ-Contest] SS observations ( kinda long)

Greg Fields gwfields at mediaone.net
Mon Nov 5 07:38:54 EST 2001

I think another SS record has been broken with how early
this thread has started, hi. 

Yes, Sunday can get awfully long. But one of the big 
attractions to SS for me is my one tribander and
wires can actually make the top ten box! Why? Because
I don't have to be competitive on all bands. From
my small city lot there is no way I can be competitive
on 80 through 10. In fact, the second radio ant is
an all band dipole so I have nothing fancy here. If
the rules are changed to allow multiple QSO's with
each station people like me no longer have a chance
at placing. To me one of the fascinations with 
SS is that those who stick do it and don't 
let up on Sunday are the ones who do well!


Greg K0OB
One of the Minnesota Wireless Gang (MWA)

At 11:03 PM 11/4/01 EST, KI9A at aol.com wrote:
>Well, I sit here Sunday night after another fun SSCW.  I can't help to
>if (when?) the CAC may change the SS rules to help cure the Sunday doldrums.
>Before you begin to write the flames to me, think about this for a bit. If
>wasn't for all of the QRP guys S&P'ing, & the big boys with SO2R, I would 
>have even less of a run. Heck, I'd be S&Ping all Sunday!  Before you say "
>would turn into a big NAQP",  lets think about the difference. NAQP- 10 
>hours. SS 24. You have 2 shots at hitting open bands during SS. NAQP, only 
>one.  Make multiple Q's with same station. Keep MULTS the same. 
>Ok, so it'll kill all previous SS records. So what? WPX has changed. Today, 
>we have so, so much in life to do, competing with radio, not to mention 
>sitting in a chair all weekend, that us, as contesters, need to make it 
>inviting as possible. I am one of those. I have another expensive hobby 
>(passion) that not only competes with radio contesting money  & time. Old 
>cars. I restore them. I cruise them. I show them.
>Oh yeah, did I mention Family time?
>I love contesting. I really dig SS. But, it seems every year, I have a 
>tougher time keeping my butt in the chair all day Sunday, maybe a slight 
>tweak in the rules is in order?
>Let the flames begin!
>73 & CU in SS SSB
>Chuck KI9A
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