[CQ-Contest] re: SS observations ( kinda long)

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Mon Nov 5 14:48:33 EST 2001

>  I totally agree with Chuck's comments. After spending last weekend
> running guys at 200 + and hour at PJ2Z I had practically no
> motivation to go do Sweepstakes and maybe average 60 or so an hour.

Yep.  Anything less than 200/hour is definitely boring.  I propose
that we shorten CQWW to 24 hours so that we won't have to suffer
through those dreadful 150 hours on Sunday.

Furthermore, since Sweepstakes is boring and CQWW is not, I think we
should modify the rules for Sweepstakes so as to make them identical
to CQWW.

--Trey, N5KO

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