[CQ-Contest] A Tribute to Horst Lemp, DL8PC, R.I.P.

Fred Laun K3ZO aalaun at attglobal.net
Tue Nov 6 15:28:20 EST 2001

My friend Karl Renz, K4YT, a member of the German DARC, tells me that a 
recent issue of the DARC's magazine DL-QTC reports that Horst Lemp, DL8PC, 
has become a Silent Key.  I feel that I cannot let this news pass without 
paying tribute to this quiet, self-effacing but enthusiastic contester. 
"DL8-Papa-Charlie" was a reliable QSO on several bands in every phone DX 
contest in which I participated.

I was fortunate to visit Horst a few years ago while in Germany to attend 
the Friedrichshafen hamfest.  Horst met Karl and myself at the country inn 
of Walter, DJ6QT, and took us on a guided tour of his rural antenna farm on 
a high portion of farmland which he rented from a local farmer for the 
express purpose of setting up his contest station.  Just like Walter 
himself, and a number of other German contesters, Horst was constrained by 
German RF exposure regulations from operating contests from his home, so he 
rented a piece of farmland for the express purpose of engaging in 
contesting.  Now there's an enthusiastic contester for you!

Horst ran the legal limit at his contest station and had antennas for all 
bands including 160, but they were not all that high and were fairly modest 
as I recall, wires and tribanders.  The location, while not on a hilltop, 
was high and open and undoubtedly contributed to the fine signal I recall 
on every band.  Reportedly Horst died with his contest boots on, 
so-to-speak, suffering a cerebal hemhorrage while operating a contest, then 
trying to make it to his car parked outside, falling in a ditch in the 
process, where he was found much later either dead or dying.  Thus he went 
out enjoying contesting right up to the end.  What an elegant way for a 
contester to exit, Horst!   R.I.P.

Fred Laun, K3ZO

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