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Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Tue Nov 6 13:01:01 EST 2001

> I love contesting. I really dig SS. But, it seems every year, I have a 
> tougher time keeping my butt in the chair all day Sunday, maybe a slight 
> tweak in the rules is in order?

Stamina?  This is part of the SS.  If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be
an indication of performance.

The current SS is a great personal challenge.  It provides you with 
the opportunity to run at a high rate for about 8 hours and then turns
into a mud wrestle where creativity and hard word are rewarded.  It
isn't all fun and games - but it sure is a nice feeling knowing you 
were able to keep your spirits up and be effective and finish.

And I didn't think about work all weekend.

Tree N6TR

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>From Kevin Hemsley" <kev at ida.net  Tue Nov  6 23:22:13 2001
From: Kevin Hemsley" <kev at ida.net (Kevin Hemsley)
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 16:22:13 -0700
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Topband: 6 November Light Show
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Message-ID: <027401c16719$e68cb930$d5cbe4cc at kevin>

I was doing some last minute work on a horizontal loop by flashlight, when I
happened to look up and see the most strange Northern Lights I have ever
seen.  The lights are fairly rare in Idaho, but we saw them last night.
Bright red.  It caught me by surprise.  My heart jumped when I first saw
what initially looked like a bright red glowing cloud above my house.

Kevin Hemsley
kev at ida.net

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Subject: Topband: 6 November Light Show

>         Last night we had one of the most spectacular auroras of this
> solar cycle!  At approximately 0153, the X1 Coronal Mass Ejection of
> 4 November hit the Earth's ionosphere and began an incredible aurora
> with sightings as far south as Florida, Texas and California.  I've
> seen two previously from here in NC but missed 2 others on October 21
> and 28.  This time I was prepared and...for the first time...I had my
> camera ready:
> http://users.vnet.net/btippett/6_nov_aurora.htm
> I'll add others but wanted to share this one showing my 160 meter
> tower silhouetted by the light show!
>         BTW, if you are interested in receiving alerts for pending
> CME impacts (which cause auroras) this is probably the best way to
> do it:
> Send a plain-text e-mail to majordomo at skypub.com with the
> following line (and nothing else) in the body of the
> message:
> subscribe sun-earth e-mail at address.com
> replacing "e-mail at address.com" with your actual e-mail address.  This
> message is sent only in the case of impending (~24 hour notice) CME
> impacts.  It is done by Cary Oler for Sky & Telescope Magazine and is
> usually quite accurate and does not give false alarms.  You will only
> occasionally get an E-mail so it is NOT like "junk mail" lists that
> will bombard you with info you don't need.  In my opinion, this is the
> BEST way to be notified of impending events unless you have time to
> monitor webpages and chat rooms continuously.
>         I find it very useful to know of pending auroras and used this
> effectively to plan my operating strategy for the recent CQ WW SSB
> which had one hit at around 0300 on 28 October.  I knew the light show
> would follow but decided I needed the sleep to be fresh on Sunday so
> I missed seeing that one!
>                                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV
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