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K0LUZ K0LUZ at topsusa.com
Fri Nov 9 14:49:34 EST 2001

My thoughts interspersed among the comments


> >One problem is that giving away your score in real time helps
> >others to overtake you, if needed, or helps others to stay ahead
> >of you if already ahead.
> Good point - didn't think of that.  I guess I was mostly thinking
> about it in terms of attracting others to the sport/hobby.

It would be very interesting and add another element to the participants of
the contest.  Why does everything have to be so "secret"?  Going back to
NASCAR,  do they make the cars invisible so that they can "protect" their

> >In the last minutes of the contest you could make a decision whether to
> >make a band change or stay put, etc., based on the knowledge
> >that you needed a given level of performance to win.
> And this is placing more importance on the amount of technology
> available to the operator,  and less on her knowledge of propagation
> and skill.  Another good point.

It's another advance in technology and if that's a problem... Ban the
computer,  ban memory keys or dvp's,  ban SO2R,  and antennas above 35' in
height!  You can't stop progress Brother....

> > Drawing a parallel with auto racing, under the present system, without
> >realtime scoring information, each entrant competes on a
> >different racetrack with no view of his competitors position
> >relative to his own.
> This was the exact analogy I was making in my mind when I
> was thinking about this idea.  More exciting for the spectators,
> but the race team *must* have this information available to them
> at all times in order to remain competitive.  Did that guy take 2 tires
> or 4?  Did he take 2 hours off time or 4?  Guess that's why all
> the race teams have small tv dishes in their pits.

I believe it would add another very interesting element to the fray.  In
fact,  you might even get some "others" because they can set up real live
competitions with a group.  Some of the real techie groups might see this as
a neat thing to do with the computer.  Let's go after those gamers!

> And certainly another catagory (SO/REALTIME/ASSISTED) [ugh]
> wouldn't help, as the info is freely available to everyone.  I should've
> thought this out a lil more,  perhaps left it in my outbox until the
> caffeine wore off.  Gotta admit though,  it would be pretty cool.

This is different because the participant is the one who decides if they
want to be part of real time.  Assisted is not in the control of the
participant,  but the spotter.  So it could be another category, but why?

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