[CQ-Contest] Balloons and antennas

Hoeft, Roger V rvhoeft at intergraph.com
Tue Nov 13 15:26:54 EST 2001

This may seem like a pound of feathers -vs- a pound of flour, but ...

I'm thinking about doing the ARRL 160 test with a bob-tail and vertical
antennas.  Typically what size ballons should be used? 3ft. diameter?  5ft.?
More?  Less?  What is the experience out there in radio-land?  I plan to
hoist the bob-tail with 3 ballons and the vertical with 1.  I realize it
becomes a function of wire size and weight, but I would hate to go through
the expense of balloons, helium, generator, etc. if I undersize the
balloons.  Any rules of thumb to use to ensure proper guying for potentially
windy conditions, etc.?

Thanks and 73.

	Roger ...

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