[CQ-Contest] SS Question

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Wed Nov 14 11:18:45 EST 2001

On 11/7/01 3:39 PM, Mark Bailey at kd4d at radix.net wrote:

>Y'all need to consult the rules:
>"4.6. With the exception of the serial number, which changes from QSO to
>QSO, the exchange
>sent must remain consistent during the entire contest."
>You may be able to change your entry class as described, but you can't
>change the exchange!

Actually, the contest judges are a bit smarter than the rules. The log 
checking software recognises when your exchange is "unstable" in this 

So long as your log reflects what you actually sent, everything is fine.

However, as to your category. So long as you aren't a school club:

1) if you have more than one operator, you're multi-op.
2) if you used packet or any other form of assistance, you're unlimited.
3) if you used more than 150 watts for any contact in the contest period, 
you're high power.
4) if you used more than 5 watts for any contact in the contest period, 
you're low power.
5) otherwise, you're QRP.

See? Simple.

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