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James Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 14 16:58:59 EST 2001


Admiral Scott Redd, aka K0DQ, has declared that a State of War exists
between his Neiger's Tigers Team No.1 and the erstwhile Team No. 2,
championed by N6TJ.

It seems that Redd, trying to re-live his glory days from 30 years ago
(anyone remember XE1IIJ, 6D1AA, etc etc?), thinks he is still trying to
re-do the legendary battles between him and Neiger circa 1971/72.  C'mon,
Scott - GET OVER IT.

Being the gracious sport that he is, Neiger has accepted Redd's challenge,
and the two of chosen TEAMS for the CQ WW CW frenzy.  The teams were evenly
and fairly chosen, and to the victors will go the spoils:

   TEAM NO. 1              TEAM NO. 2

K0DQ @ P40Q           N6TJ @ ZD8Z
CT1BOH @ PT5T       K6NA @ EA9LS
 W2GD @ P40W         F6BEE @ CN2JS
AA3B @ V26K           N6ZZ @ RW0F
K4BAI @ 8P9Z           N6AA @ VE3EJ

The Las Vegas line is evenly split, but since Redd's team has the only
operator under 50 (CT1BOH), early odds are leaning that way.

In addition to battling one another, the Teams are, by the way, taking on
the RTW (rest of the world), and expect the usual potent challenge from the
Contest Club of Finland (CCF).

And not to be out-done, several more Neiger's Tigers Teams have been formed,
and are expected to rank high in the Team Standings:

    TEAM NO. 3                                TEAM NO. 4

         KQ2M                                      DL2OBF/MU (Guernsey)
   K3TEJ @ VP5G                                  NA2U
   N9RV @ W9RE                                  W7GG
          K8DX                                      KH6ND @ KH7R
          K8GL                                              W6TK

                  TEAM NO. 5


Right now, Guillermo (RGL) is feeling rather lonely on his one man team, and
is expecting others to join-up.  If you are so inclined, e-mail the
undersigned BEFORE this Saturday, or listen for ZD8Z beginning 11/19,
generally after 1900Z, 21250 or 28490.  Final teams will be registered
Friday, just before the contest.

Meanwhile, drop by and give Redd and Neiger Teams your votes of confidence,
and, uh, POINTS!  It should be more than obvious we need the help.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger

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