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Tue Nov 20 08:29:02 EST 2001

W4GFQ asks:

> Can I ask a question?  I worked a little of the sweepstakes and I saw the
> original post.  Can someone explain why the callsign is part of the
> exchange?

As has been mentioned before, the exchange is based on the old "radiogram"
model where it emulated sending messages via ham radio.

The ARRL was founded on this activity long before most of us were born.
This is what the second 'R' stands for - Relaying messages!

In a radiogram, you'd have: (SS equivalent in parentheses)

-Message number (ss: QSO Nr)
-Precedence: established a priority for handling - most were Routine, others
were Priority, and Emergency (ss: Power Level)
-Callsign of the originating station (ss: Callsign)
-Check: word count of the message (ss: Year first licensed)
-Originating Location: (ss: ARRL Section)

Variation of this method of sending all parts of the exchange is just poor
operating technique.

It's not something anyone should be DQ'ed for.

If anything, a DQ should be considered for those who insist on repeating
your exchange back to confirm that they got it.

What a waste of time.  A simple "Roger" is all that's required.



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