[CQ-Contest] Retribution for frequency stealing?

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Tue Nov 27 12:53:44 EST 2001

W2UP writes:

> So, what I am thinking, is to remove his 4 or 5 QSOs from my log, 
> so he'll lose 4 or 5 times 4 worth of QSO points (original QSOs 
> plus penalty). Whaddya think?

Well, I can understand your frustration and wanting to do something
to get even, but I would consider removing QSOs that were legitimate
as going too far.  This would escalate the situation into something 
worse.  If that station requested his UBN report and noted that 4 
or 5 QSOs with a specific station were NIL - what do you think his
response would be? 

You say the same station did the same thing last year...  I would be 
surprised if someone is thinking: "Oh, there is W2UP, I took his
frequency last year, let me try again".  

If this was a USA station, you could just make a couple of phone
calls telling him that you are causing QRM and then tell the FCC 
and they will write him a letter.  (Yes, you could really do that
and the FCC will play along - but that is a different story).

It would seem that holding your own and letting the station have
an unproductive 20 minutes is probably sufficient revenge.  It could
be that he didn't hear you (maybe his RX frequency was shifted, or
he left his radio in SPLIT) or maybe he just isn't very smart and
thinks this is the way the winners do it (they don't).  Had he 
generated a lot of rate and your went to zero - you are probably
going to lose the frequency soon anyway - as propagation has 
probably changed and you need to find a different way to hold
a frequency (change bands/directions or time to S&P for awhile).

Don't become a bad guy just because someone else had a problem or
doesn't have a clue.  The only way to prove that the QRM was 
intentional is to QSY and have him QSY...  or to have some way
of proving he knew he was QRMing you.

Tree N6TR
n6tr at contesting.com

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