[CQ-Contest] Re: PI4COM

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Fri Nov 30 13:16:08 EST 2001

Hi Ulli,
Just read Matt's posting on reflector about what happened to your remote =
contest location. Of course it is something awfull to see the things =
you've been building for years demolished by the fire. We hope you'll be =
able to rebuild the station as soon as possible. We hope to hear PI4COM =
soon again on the bands.
BTW it seems that time around CQWW CW is favorite time for thiefs. When =
we went to my countryside contest location with LZ2FV on Friday =
afternoon few hours before the start of CQWW CW we found the doors of =
the house wide open. Everything inside the house was up side down, but =
nothing was stolen ??? Bulgaria has many poor people and I suppose those =
were gypsies who were looking for some food. After they have not found =
any thing for eating they just left without touching other things( =
fortunately). So, I helped Ceco to install beverages and station and =
left to Pleven after dark kind of happy. I am going tommorow again at =
the contest location and I hope everything to be in order.
So, do not give up my friends and rebuild the station whatever it takes. =

We are here to stay (as they used to say) !!!
73's de Wally LZ2CJ ,LZ8T and YM3LZ

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