[CQ-Contest] re: Operating Contests "Out of Region"

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Sep 4 08:39:39 EDT 2001

As someone who waited what seemed like forever to get a four call let me =
tell you some of my experiences as a district challenged ham.

You do not need to worry about day to day operation...that is easy...FCC =
allows you to not use the portable designator so, why bother...

During contests my answer to you is - depends on the contest...

ARRL DX or domestic contests where your QTH is part of the exchange are =
the bugaboo...and, despite what others may say it IS easier if your call =
matches your QTH.  The guy on the other end frequently is anticipating =
what you are going to send him - with a 3 call my first guess is some =
sort of PA or MDC probably...when VA comes into the headphones some will =
suffer a brain fart and not hear VA and since it wasn't what they =
expected will require a fill...for CQWW you are in the same zone so the =
point is moot.

In ancient contest history there were some who thought signing portable =
was a bonus...in the sixties even though he held a "2" call, W1BGD/2 =
(W1RM) swore by it...some think that there is a signature effect =
associated with having a portable call - increases memorability....

I tried all kinds of stuff when I was K1ZX in Florida...most frustrating =
were the domestic contests and the FCC's reopening of vanity callsigns =
was a great relief for me.  I loved the ZX call and did well with it but =
a regionally-correct call is better, IMHO.

If there is a small body of students at your school who you bond with =
that are hams you may wanna consider getting a club going complete with =
club call...at first you will have a long call but you can upgrade it to =
a one by three, there are lots of those available!


Jim, K4OJ (ex: K1ZX....trustee to K4FCG and K4NNN)

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