[CQ-Contest] IR cans

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Sep 8 00:53:42 EDT 2001

(for the newbies - cans is slang for headphones!)

I have successfully contested with IR headphones, inculding SO2R, for a
couple of years...it is especially useful during those pit stops when you
are on autorepeat F1/CQ...talk about testing your concentration! - you can
be having a relief moment and simulataneously you try to remember the calls
coming back til you can run back to the rig!

My only gripe about them is I haven't seen a good ear-surround pair yet -
the ones I have been using are foam pads on the ear - if I could find a pair
that look like my olde Byers set that have big enough ear openings for my
elehant ears I would be in heaven...

These are getting more and more popular and you can find them reasonably
priced on the auction sites...oh yes, be sure to buiy a box of backup
batteries before the contest just in case the cans go dead on you!

Jim, K4OJ

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