[CQ-Contest] 48 Hour Contesters

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Sep 8 01:04:23 EDT 2001

I have always viewed this as the make or breaker for the winner of CQWW and
the other big time contests....

In addition to having mastrered ones station and propagation to win one must
also master their body...pre contest training and close scrutinty of what
you eat both nefore and after the contest are added to the superior
operating abilities of the winners.  Stories of what kind of food to eat to
minize side effects of sleep ceprivation have been placed on this reflector
before....the link to a newspaper artuicle about how NATO pilots do it is I
think was the most fasciniating stuff I have seen on this reflector!

I personally have never been able to do it - I have come close a few times
but those times are getting to be longer and longer ago...

I think this is the final hurdle...if you have mastered propagation and know
when to be where and you have sharpened your operating skills to both run
and S&P effectively, well what is left...maximizing your on air time...to
those who iron man it, I say well done - and congratulations.  Your focus on
the entire commitment to winning is clear - yes, lots of us are only able to
operate "most" of the contest but this little difference as they say is what
seperates da men from da boyz.

Note - you must have an employer who grants you the following Monday off
form work to pull this one off! CRASH!!!!!!

Jim, K4OJ

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