[CQ-Contest] Nonstop 48 hours for SO on CQWW

G. La Parola, IT9BLB it9blb at mail.infcom.it
Tue Sep 11 18:21:24 EDT 2001

Zoltan Szoke wrote:
> Hi,
> I often see "Operating Time (hrs): 48" at Single Operator stations. This is
> unbelievable for me. Nonstop 48 hours QSOing, nonstop 2 days contesting too
> long for an SO station. I think so  (at least in 50%) that is not true. Or I
> don't know something what easy for a really good, strong and avid contester.
> Do you know offer me any practices what help me to endure to the end of the
> contest without any sleeping?
> All responses will be appreciate. Thanks!
> 73
> Zoli
Hi Zoli,
my personal record is 44 hours with three short sleeping stops.
Personally, will-power is my main support.
Contest food is only milk (abt.5 liters for the full contest),
italian coffee and abt. 30 of my favourite small cakes:
probably not the best to my family doctor ..... :-))
I fully agree with Randy K5ZD: you must want to do it very badly.

See you from IH9P !



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