[CQ-Contest] FS - 930 digital board:

Blake Meinecke n4gi at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Sep 21 19:25:04 EDT 2001

Bring your backup contest rig back to life before the season starts!

Due to PIEXX board installation, I now have a regular _working_ 930 digital
board for sale.  The number on it is X540-1670.  It's not the original
problematic board, but a Kenwood factory replacement.  I replaced it only to
have computer control capability.
This board replaced the original, sometimes faulty one before Kenwood
stopped making replacements.  None of the through-hole
problems of the previous in this model.  My rig is later model; post S/N

I think I'll ask about 75 bucks, plus shipping (it's small).  Offers

CUL, 73
Blake M. Meinecke  N4GI

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