[CQ-Contest] W5 DX Bash

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Tue Sep 25 10:45:17 EDT 2001

      If you're interested in DX contesting, and you're going to be in Texas 
on Saturday, October 6, the place to be is the W5 DX Bash, being held at
the W5KFT Ranch Station.  While the emphasis of the event is DXing, many 
DX contesters attend.  This year, Robert K5PI will be showing off the SO2R
Master two radio contesting interface, and there will be lots of discussion
about antennas and how to work the weak ones!  

      The W5 DX Bash web site is: (http://www.dxbash.com/)

      The W5KFT Ranch Station (http://www.kkn.net/~w5kft/) is located on
the shore of Lake Buchanan (which is full this year!) about 70 miles NW of
Austin, TX, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  The date usually coincides 
with the annual Monarch butterfly migration.  Many non-ham family members also 
attend, and there are local winery tours and boat tours for those less 
interested in DX chatter.

     Saturday, there will also be a (short) official meeting of the Central
Texass DX & Contest Club (http://www.ctdxcc.org/), for those who might 
like to join or participate with the CTDXCC.

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