[CQ-Contest] Log Files Requirements for .DTA Project

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Sat Sep 29 00:16:28 EDT 2001

Shortly after posting the note asking for logs for the callsign database 
project, I realized that some important information had been omitted:

LOG FILE FORMATS - Our preference would be for files to be in Cabrillo 
format.  This format is now mature in the implementations from the major 
contest logging programs.  We will also accept logs in CT .BIN and NA .QDF 
formats because we have tools to work with these formats.  Unfortunately, 
we cannot accept logs in every native format or we'd be spending hours 
massaging the files with a text editor.  I already have to do that twice a 
year with the ARRL 160 and ARRL 10 logs.

FILE NAMES (THIS IS IMPORTANT) - Please use a unique file name, preferably 
containing your callsign, for the files you send us.  If everyone sends a 
log called CQWWSSB.LOG for example, we can't count on the e-mail program 
handling the attachments correctly, much less us humans trying to sort them 
out.  Simple unique differentiation, for example: K8CC1.LOG, K8CC2.LOG, 
K8CC3.LOG, etc. this will be fine.

COMBINING FILES - Combining all of your logs into one ZIP archive would 
make the file transfer go faster (important for dial-up connections).  The 
best method is to name the archive with your callsign (ex: K8CC.ZIP) and 
have each log in the zip with a unique name, as mentioned above.

People who have already sent logs which don't conform to these requirements 
don't need to resend.  However, K9TM and I would really appreciate your 
help in using these file standards.


Dave Pruett, K8CC
Tim Mitchell, K9TM

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