[CQ-Contest] Re: Anti MASTER.DTA + more

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sun Dec 15 07:54:50 EST 2002

"Kelly Taylor" <ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca> wrote: "SO2R and SO1R should be
VE4XT - Single operators are single operators. That some are better single
operators than others doesn't mean they should be punished. We should not be
advocating disincentives to excellence."

Much has/will be written about "peer pressure".
peer = one that is of equal standing with another
While I agree that "single operators are single operators", are those using
SO2R really "of equal standing with another"? Their abilities and expertise
allows them to "march to a different drummer", and I don't have any problem
with that! They have worked hard to be where they are, and are justifiably
rewarded! I fail to see where any "punishment" is involved in the issue?
IMHO, WRTC is the only operation that mandates "equal standing with
another"? Personally, my desire and interest in SO2R is nonexistent, and
likely to remain such. Much has/will be written about the "top ten" finishes
of SO1R, however, I can't remember seeing a SO1R user at the top of the "top
ten" in a "major" contest, regardless of the mode? Radiosport is unique in
the fact that "single" may be defined as "more than one (1)"? As one contest
manager advised me, "we'll call it what we want" when I questioned their
rule requiring M/S "only one transmitted signal at a time"? Using a second
transmitter to search for and work new multipliers, IMHO, is not "single
The "bottom line" is "I will continue to operate if/when I care to, send in
my log, unedited and have fun"!
Happy Holidays
Shelby, K4WW

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