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David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sun Dec 15 15:30:10 EST 2002

Unfortunately not everyone is a good typist and knows all the quirks in
the different logging programs to fix errors on the fly.  I host many
different levels of operators here for m/m operations and have found
that it is easier, and often safer, to teach some of them how to do
alt-n to put notes in the log when they make a typing mistake than it is
to teach them how to back up in the log and fix it.  This is especially
true when all 6 bands are running in ct since the log scrolls up so
quickly, and there are many pitfalls that can really mess things up if
you don't edit it properly.  This results in a file of notes that I
consider similar to notes that you used to make in the margins when you
ran out of eraser during a contest... unfortunately there is no way to
include notes in the Cabrillo file, and I wouldn't expect a log checking
robot to be able to figure out some of the cryptic comments anyway, so
those must be processed after the fact... it would be nice to do them
during the contest as sometimes it changes multiplier checks during the
test, but unfortunately, at least with ct, there is no way to access
those notes on the fly.

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> "Kelly Taylor" <ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca> wrote: "VE4XT - Unrealistic,
> every contester takes typing classes and every
> logging program becomes 100 per cent bug free, which none are. I'm not
> suggesting it's OK to do things like tape a contest and then scrub the
> for copying errors, but you should have the freedom to fix things like
> broken multiplier (the equivocal callsign thing again), fix honest
> (it's not a typing contest, remember) and apply the fixes from the
> notes that you made during the contest. That's fair."
> Please define the difference in "typos" and "incorrect information"?
> you
> "copy it correctly, but enter in incorrectly..then it's not correct"!
> contest has an established "time frame", and, IMHO, any/all editing
> be done within that time frame! I really see on difference in "post
> contest
> editing" and "pre contest editing", and that certainly isn't allowed?
> All that being said...Happy Holidays to all.
> Shelby, K4WW
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