[CQ-Contest] Little Gun Dilemma: Callsign not acknowledged

Scott Ellington sdelling at facstaff.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 19 12:33:02 EST 2002

At 12:22 PM -0500 2/19/02, Bill at ng3k.com wrote:
>ARRL DX CW Exchange:
>1  he: test big0gun
>2  me: ng3k
>3  he: ng3 599 kw
>4  me: tu ng3k 599 md
>5  he: r big0gun test

In a case like this, I won't log the QSO, and big0gun is going to lose 3 more.

The only thing that works consistently is witholding the exchange in 
4 until big0gun has your call correct.  This wouldn't slow him down 
much, except that he will alwmost always repeat the whole exchange 
with the call.

So it should be:

1  he: test big0gun

2  me: ng3k

3  he: ng3 599 kw

4  me: ng3k

5  he: ng3k (exchange NOT repeated!)

6  me: 599 md

7  he: r big0gun test

Sometimes, of course, 4 and 5 have to be repeated several times 
before he gets it right.

Now, if every operator could be counted upon to acknowledge a 
callsign correction, a couple steps could be saved, but almost every 
time I send my exchange with the call correction I'm left hanging.

When big0gun works me, he better acknowledge my call correctly, or he 
won't be in my log.

A variation on this is when big0gun gets the call right the first 
time, but I'm not sure because of QRM, etc.  The same principles 

Also, don't repeat your call unnecessarily.  If big0gun hears you 
send your call again, he should assume you're not sure he got it 
right the first time.


Scott  K9MA

Scott Ellington
Madison, Wisconsin  USA
sdelling at facstaff.wisc.edu

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