[CQ-Contest] W/VEs spotting W/VEs

Doug Priest w3cf at comcast.net
Tue Feb 26 16:14:22 EST 2002

Yeah, could be...but how do you explain an operator spotting on more than
one band a station he just spent 30 hours contesting from???

I doubt it is in the spirit of the rules to spot a W/VE knowing it will hit
the global cluster so everyone can find the W/VE station in the ARRL
contest. Its up to the rest of the world to spot us as we do them. The
offending party must disagree with me as he spotted the Multi station with
his own call on more than one band. We at K3NM found it repulsive.


Doug W3CF
                      @V26S for ARRL SSB

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> This past weekend I noticed W/VE stations (actually, Ws for the most
> spotting other W/VE stations over the DX spotting system.  (I'm not
> talking
> about K4MA, who I know was in 8P but spotting people under his call.)
> While
> I suppose there could be legitimate reasons for this, like spotting
> rare W/VE state/province, I hardly think IL or PA falls into that
> category.  Since in almost every case, the station doing the spotting
> in the same call area as the station being spotting, it would appear
> instead that these were attempts to attract DX stations to the
> of
> these particular W/VEs.

It could be that they were spotting friends because they know the spots
propagate around the world.  It can also be to populate bandmaps of
friendly club members so they know frequencies to stay away from when
looking for a place to call cq.

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