[CQ-Contest] 2003 Georgia QSO Party

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Fri Apr 11 14:31:57 EDT 2003

Hello all:

This will be my last general posting about this weekend's running of the
Georgia QSO Party.  We have had it in July for the past four years and
have changed it to April in favor of (we hope) better weather and (we
hope) better radio conditions.

Georgia has 159 counties, more than any state except Texas.  We expect
activity from most, if not all, of those counties this weekend from
mobile stations, and a lot of home stations as well.  It is probably too
much to hope that anyone could work all 159 counties in one weekend, but
we hope to make that possible this weekend, at least.

The webpage is at http://gqp.contesting.com.  There you will find
results from last year, rules for this year (same as last except for
dates), county list with abbreviations, a summary sheet for use with
paper logs, mobile/rover routes, info for modules for NA, TR, and
Writelog logging programs, and a link to a downloadable freeware version
of NA designed for GQP and a few other contests.  As ususal, there are
plaques and certificates in the three power classes:  HP, LP, and QRP.

Mobiles expected to be active include K4BAI (with KU8E), N4PN, WW4LL,
NY4N (with AF4QB driving at least), K4MUT, and possibly AA4GA.

Jeff and I will not be able to work 80 meters, but we will be QRV on CW
and SSB on 40, 20, 15, and 10.  If you note that another band or mode
appears to be open to Georgia so that QSOs might be possible, please
advise the Ga stations so we can QSY when the current callers have been

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a lot of fun.


John, K4BAI.

For SECC and SEDXC, sponsors of Georgia QSO Party.

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