[CQ-Contest] Sprint date change - I am VERY HAPPY

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Thu Dec 11 16:30:05 EST 2003

>The ability to plan in advance is very important for many
>of us, I would hope contest organizers will keep that in mind.

I would have to say that apparently the contest organizers do keep this in
mind the vast majority of the time, given the relatively small number of
times contest periods have been changed, compared to the number of times
they have remained as announced.  even the Sprint itself has a
better-than-95%-record on this.

Another way to look at it, I suppose, is if there have been 15 negative
posts out of 500 cq-contest readers, then the vast majority may, in fact,
not mind.  Kudos to the vocal minority for making their voices heard.
Really it could have been anyone who drew the short straw.  (I know I'd be
miffed if the change took me out of the competition).  We're certainly
hearing from the unlucky people who got stiffed.

Like W4AN, I will miss everyone who can't make it because of the change.  I
am for the 'Valentines Proviso' effective immediately.  I'd encourage anyone
who feels the same to post accordingly.

Mark, N5OT

PS (I like Kenneth Harker's idea best of all, however, I had already made
alternate plans with my Valentine  :)

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