[CQ-Contest] CB QRM in 10m test (opposite)

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 18 21:22:08 EST 2003

I have often thought that when the big gun stations have nothing to do 
between contests they should spend a few hours each day looking for 
CBers on 10.  When they find one, get on its freq and call CQ using RTTY 
until the pirate QRTs.  Then find another one and repeat.  Why RTTY? 
 It's probably more annoying than CW and they would have no idea of 
where it is coming from.  Well, a few hours a day is asking a lot. 
 Might be fun to try it a little, though.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Chuck wrote:

>I had illegal invaders on 10M. I just QSY'd to
>Zero Beat their AM carrier and called CQ!
>Amazing!! after about 2 -3 minutes they went QRT!
>And they stayed off until I left!
>Ahh, the joys of PROACTIVE Electronic
>BTW.. according to the FCC it is NOT illegal to
>operate atop an illegal station. They are not
>legal so we can just operate atop them with
>impunity as long as we're behaving in accordance
>with OUR rules.  SO QRM..err.. OPERATE away!
>The MORE we bug 'em.. the more they get the idea
>that 10M is NOT a good place to operate!
>remember! 'Illegals come in.. but they don't come
>out!' HI.
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