[CQ-Contest] Categorically Speaking...

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Tue Feb 4 10:41:42 EST 2003

Pete Smith wrote:

> Seems to me that, capitalizing on Jim's basic notion, I (or anyone 
> else) could offer a 24-hour plaque.  The only requirements would be 
> that an entrant send in a copy of his log and an entry during the 
> normal log submission interval; then we would all wait until results 
> are posted by the organizers, and the winner would be decided based on 
> their log-checking.
> If there is sufficient interest expressed, I'd be willing to organize 
> a test of the idea, around the upcoming ARRL DX Contest.  What say, 
> folks?

Helluva idea...It's worth a try...I think this will generate some 

I'm all for 48 hour contests, but having a 24 hour "class" will spark 
some competitive interest from those who can't, for whatever reason, 
endure the whole two days without sleep, or have work committments 
during the weekend, or whatever...Also adds an element of strategy, 
choosing when to operate and when to sleep...May even make the dreaded 
Sunday afternoon doldrums a little more active...

Add me to the "helpers" list Pete, if you need any...

Scott VE1OP

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