[CQ-Contest] Categorically Speaking... LET'S VOTE!

Robert Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 6 10:50:28 EST 2003

The questions are....

1) With a 24 hour category, will more people (who would otherwise quit or
ever turn on a radio) get on and operate for more total hours, than other
already participating people
operate for less hours?  I don't think anyone knows the answer to that!

2)  Does Bill, W4AN, and eHAM.net think this question is worthy of a poll?
I think the only way for anyone to have any idea of the answer to question
#1, is for
people to vote their operating preference as follows:

Question1:  If there was a 24 hour category, would you operate more hours
than you operate now?
  (Yes or NO)

Question 2:  How many hours do you typically operate this contest now?

A) 1 - 6 hrs
B) 6 - 12 hrs
C) 12 - 24 hrs
D) 24 - 30 hrs
F) 30 - 36 hrs
F) 36 or more

Question 3: How many hours would you operate this contest with a 24 hour
A) 1 - 6 hrs
B) 6 -12 hrs
C) 12-24 hrs
D) 24 -30 hrs
E) 30-36 hrs
F) 36 or more

Realizing that this is only for informational purposes and not a scientific
study, I think that a poll
might give some idea as to whether or not there is MEANINGFUL interest in
such a category.

The questions offered are only suggestions.

I personally don't feel strongly one way or the other about this, but in the
interests of lessening the number
of future posts by impassioned people, I suggest that we provide a forum by
which we can attempt to get
a more objective and measurable response.

Bob KQ2M

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