[CQ-Contest] 24 vs 48 - NO NEW CAREGORIES!

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 6 20:47:10 EST 2003

My take: The creation of a 24 hour category will only end up hurting the 
48 hour competitors...


if I am only going to operate 24 hours I sure as heck am not gonna pick 
the hours when the sun is down...I will operate when 10/15/20 will 
provide me the most run time...which basically is dawn to dusk with a 
little before and after for gray line, etc...


Lower multiplier numbers, guys who might have made a handful of 160/80 
QSOs will now not make any - and mebbe forgoe 40 as well... guys who are 
24ing it from rarer multilpiers will not be in the logs of  all band 
contenders....  US guys who have family commitments during the day will 
grudgingly do their 24 and then moan about how they cannot possibly 
compete with someone who can run Europe in the mornings... etc.

Just like differentiating between power, or SO2R, or other pereceived 
gotta have catagories the easiest thing to do is list us all together, 
yeah all mixed together.  But but but.... with columns indicating hours 
operated - you wanna find out if you made the most points of any 20 hour 
entry - sort the results by the hours worked column... done.

During minima this column could also be an interesting byte as I suspect 
there will be less time spent on the air by the top ten finishers - 
wheras at maxima there always could be someone to work - with degrading 
sunspots the top finishers will be operating 42 instead of 48 hours, etc...

Creation of yet another "category" will just further cheapen things - if 
you really wanna know op time direct your efforts towards asking powers 
that be for that column, showing the hours on the air... an algorthythm 
could be generated in the log scoring software to indicate on-time, it 
would be after so minutes without a QSO you are off the air - no arguing 
fellas - since that would be automatically calculated USING THE SAME 
FORMULAE FOR ALL OF THE CONTENDERS.... if the formula said you operated 
22 hours - you could compare your score with others whose on time was 
calculated to be 22 hours. Mebbe it isn't exactly true but like any good 
contest rule as long as it is uniform in its application to all entries 
it is FAIR.

Of course if you were number psychotic you could then input this info 
into a spread sheet and calculate points per hour - and could then 
speculate had your neighbor operated same hours instead of 4 different 
whether or not one of you won the East Armpit, Anytown competition...

...but then you would argue about it being unfair because his old Alpha 
was from the 1000W days and you had a new Alpha which could go the full 
1500.... yada yada


Jim, K4OJ

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