[CQ-Contest] sharp filters

Chuck Reville k3ft at starpower.net
Sun Feb 23 19:25:52 EST 2003


Ragnar's post about "....or they use so narrow filters that unless a caller
is within a few Hz of their passband( on CW ), they lose the station."

brings up something I've wondered about. When I do a contest I usually use
the 500 Hz filter and play with FT1000MP width/shift controls to
narrow/widen as I need it. I find if I run 250 Hz that LOTS of stations that
tune 'off zero beat' are missed. I find if narrow the width 'just a hair'
with the width control that it tends to narrow it to about 350 Hz and I
catch the guys 'just on the outeredges' without having to worry about those
guys who just don't bother to try and zero beat. However, if they are on the
hairy edge of the outside I ignore 'em until they better zero beat me.
Sometimes it takes 4-5 tries before they figure it out.

The question I have..  Does the group have a consensus as to feelings about
not answering people who are 'a fair ways' outside zero beat so that they
will be forced to better zerobeat you OR do you just answer 'em to get 'em
worked and not worry about it?  It's not a real big deal to me, but I'm
looking for other active contester's/operator's thoughts.

Chuck K3FT

The problem with EU and USA having a differing set of emission/frequency
allocations on 160 sometimes leads to EU having lots of signals in their CW
bands. Fortunately, only happens couple times a year.

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