[CQ-Contest] Disturbing the peace

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Tue Feb 24 22:26:31 EST 2004

Only once in a contest have I consented to being "moved."  It wasn't a big
deal to me at the time, since I was S&P'ing anyway, it was near the end of
the contest, and it was the only HF band I hadn't worked this particular M/M
on, so it would give me a "sweep."  (And of course, there was always the
spoilsport later who'd comment that it wasn't really a "sweep" since I
didn't have a 160 antenna, but I digress)

So when the 20 meter op made a small fuss about my QSY'ing to 15, I
consented.  And then I almost missed him because he wouldn't give me 20
seconds to change band and dial up the frequency... and then had the nerve
to tell me to buy a new radio so that I could QSY even faster.

That made up my mind, and I have politely declined to do so since unless
it's a situation where _I_ want that station on the other band.  Odds are,
unless it's real late in the contest, I'll work them sooner or later anyway.
Funny thing too, I've had arguments on the air when, in response to a "work
us on ab.xyz MHz!" I'd say "later, I'm on this band now."  For all the
concern about rates, they'd stop and waste two minutes to get me to work 'em
on another band?  I mean, really... unless it's WPX for the mult, I can't
believe I'm that rare a find!

And as far as the packet spotting is concerned:  aw, kwitcher kvetchin, at
least some of YOU get spotted! <g>

73, ron wn3vaw

"Life is pain... anyone who says otherwise is selling something"
--The Princess Bride

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On the subject of moving stations, I was surprised that a few DX
stations moved ME.  It's never happened before.  If NJ is rare, PA
must be even rarer :.)

One request to the movers - one of the stations that moved me was a
multi.  He said QSY 14050 (for example).  I go there and don't hear
him.  I start tuning a bit and there is is up at 050.8 (with 3 or 4
stations in between).  Maybe it's because I like packet, and I'm used
to clicking on the spot and having the station be there.  But, if you
move someone, please give them your EXACT frequency.  By the way, did
I tell you I like packet? (the key to success knowing how much to
ignore it)

Barry, W2UP
P.S. Hey Andy, if you hate packet, why do you have a node of your
Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at mindspring.com
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