[CQ-Contest] CQ Zone 16/17 - a clarification

Tim Makins, EI8IC contesting at eircom.net
Sat Jul 24 03:06:38 EDT 2004

Sorry, Stu, but your map is faulty. I have made a quick map of the area, and
added names of relevant places.

http://www.mapability.com/ei8ic/orenburg.gif  (152Kb)

 You can clearly see the sweep of the Ural mountains running top to bottom
in the lighter green, and the blue Ural River. At least (by my estimate)
20% of the Orenburg oblast is to the east of both the Ural mountains *and*
the Ural River, and hence is in Asia. Even a bit of the Respublika
Bashkortostan (UA9W) lies in Asia as well, by that definition.

The problem with the CQ people is that they are not interested in the small
details of their awards, and won't devote any time to correcting obvious
errors in their lists.

73s Tim EI8IC

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From: "Stuart Santelmann KC1F" <kc1f at adelphia.net>

>     I think I may know what the problem is:  "9T" callsigns may not have
> been assigned until relatively recently, like after CQ made the listing
> referred to.  I don't have any in my logging program until 1992, and I'll
> bet that's after the CQ listing was made.  I have a CQ-U R-100-O map of
> "ex-Soviet" prefixes, and UA9S and UA9W are clearly shown to the west of
> Ural River and in zone 16.  UA9T is not listed, as it apparently was not
> used until later, but if 9T is in that same area, then that's clearly also
> CQ zone 16.  CQ, contest logging programs, and DXlogging programs should
> apparently be updated to show "9T" as being in zone 16, I guess.
>     Art, does this mean that UA9TK, UA9TQ, and UA9TS etc are all CQ zone
> ?
>     Spasibo    !            Stu        KC1F

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