[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Art RX9TX rx9tx at esoo.ru
Fri May 21 08:44:28 EDT 2004

 Hello Igor,

 Friday, May 21, 2004 Igor Sokolov wrote to Art RX9TX:

IS> So what? I have qsl cards asking me to confirm contacts that were
IS> never made. Don''t see it as valid argument.

Yes  it  is. In case of LoTW you will never get a confirmation request
for  a  QSO  never  been  made.  To  be  correct,  you  will  see  QSO
confirmation  if  and  only  if  both  QSO  records  meet  some  match

IS> Then it is done in a wrong way. I know dosens of contesters here who
IS> would never bother to go through all this hassle.

It's  up  to  you and them. But I can not understand what makes you to
persuade  the others against LoTW? Something makes me think you do not
like the idea of non-traditional confirmations itself, and photocopies
is not the real reason you do not participate in the project.

IS> Yes it is. Besides, I like fighting mills. Some good people did it in
IS> the past and gained admiration of others.

Wrong case. Don Quixote was fighting FOR something positive, but you?

Finally, all this story is not about you but about those who need your
logs on the LoTW, for DXCC awards purposes. How about that? May I have
full  list  of contesters you mentioned above to avoid calling them in
the contests?

>> IS> 73, Igor UA9CDC

 73...Art RX9TX        21-May-04 12:19 UTC

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