[CQ-Contest] Question for Experienced SO2R Ops

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Sun May 30 13:24:57 EDT 2004

I'll run on my second radio about 20% of the time.  If one radio is 
the S&P and I decide to run on that band, often I'll use the radio 
already there.  The "run radio" is better (FT-1000D fully filtered vs 
FT-990 without narrow CW filter), but it's not that inferior.  Also, 
I'm pretty much from the K3ZO school of contesting, where I like to 
hear a lot and let my brain do the filtering.  All antennas are 
available to both radios with my switching scheme, so that's not a 
limiting factor.  
Barry W2UP

On 29 May 2004 Pete Smith wrote:

> Under what circumstances do you swap the roles of your two radios --
> in other words, begin running with the S&P radio, and put the Run
> radio to work S&Ping?  I'm not thinking about situations where you
> might run one or two on the S&P radio in a quirky situation, but where
> you actually want to change their respective roles for a period of
> time.  In my station, the second radio antenna setup and power is so
> inferior to the first radio that this rarely arises, but I don't know
> what the situation is in stations that are more nearly "symmetrical."
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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