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Steve IK4WMH ik4wmh at virgilio.it
Thu Apr 21 10:42:52 EDT 2005

Hello K4IK,

Thursday, April 21, 2005, 2:04:34 PM, you wrote:

JSK> Thus if you had more than 120 "new ones," your total cost would
JSK> even out.

I don't think so.

I've tried to do some math after reading the bottom of the
https://p1k.arrl.org/lotw/dxccapply page and I've found out that LOTW
will always be more expensive to me than field checking, always.

JSK> In addition, the cost of a confirmation by LotW is significantly
JSK> less than the cost of a traditional card by mail.

True, but you'll always need a traditional card by mail if you are
going to apply for one or more of the thousands of awards available
(IOTA, WAZ, etc) other than DXCC.

JSK> Even a bureau card was around $0.50 (bureau fees, postage, etc.)

A bureau card costs nothing to me but the annual italian league fee
(not cheap, 72 euro's ((95 USD at today's exchange rate)) but
all-inclusive) and the pure cost of the printed paper card.

JSK> LotW is really a bargain in the big picture.

If you are chasing awards other than those issued by ARRL then LOTW
actually looks more another burden.

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